Monster Project: Phase 10

I posted a wish list for the Monster Project a while back that included a ton of extras I need(ed) to make the Monster shine. One of which was rear sets. Surprisingly hard to find for this bike, given the hideous set the bike comes equipped with. Rizoma makes some that hover at a cost of $600… too rich for my blood. I decided to hunt, hunt, hunt… But I did NOT want anything I was going to have to fabricate a bracket for. I am approaching the point of too many projects on this bike. I want to get it done.

Join me on my journey as I locate some sweet, inexpensive rear sets.

Relevant tangent: A couple months ago someone wrote me through tumblr asking if they could send me a t-shirt for their website, MonsterParts. I [of course] happily obliged. When it showed up in the mail, I was stoked on the design and it fit perfectly. It quickly became one of my favorite shirts.

So as I’m searching the internet trying to find 750 Monster rear sets for a pre 2001 model, having a damn difficult time finding anything, a lightbulb in my head starts to glow.

Why don’t I check MonsterParts? So I do. And there they are, Ducabike Rear sets for $289. Dayum, now that’s what I’m talking about. They don’t have a heel plate but shit, they’ll do.

I can’t tell you how happy I was with my interactions with the folks over at MonsterParts. They shipped these to me within 3 days of ordering them- really less than that since I ordered at the end of the day.

So it’s time to tear the giant old rear sets off my bike and get to puttin’ on the Ducabike pair.

It is at this time I realize I really want a new sprocket cover.

Here’s a nice view of the brake lever, using the old hardware. I need to go get some nice black bolts to replace the stock ones… they’re ridiculous.

And the clutch side… lookin’ good.

They are a huge improvement visually and ergonomically. I love my seating position now. It’s changed a lot with the new clip ons and peg placement.

My god, this bike looks quite small, doesn’t it? No matter… it’s a perfect size for me.

Next up… axle spacer and moving it to my garage.

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