Goin’ to San Diego

Goin’ goin’ back back… to Cali, Cali… Today was the big move South! Cristi Farrell (of the Moteriffic Podcast) was more than a darling, she flew up to help me prep/pack and acted as uber-awesome co-pilot for our truck haul to Los Angeles. We sang car-aeoke, she napped a couple times, and I consumed copious amounts of caffeine.

My friend Sean gave me a hand installing the cheap-o wheel chock I got for the bed of the truck- combined that with a canyon dancer and the Monster was sturdy as hell.

I’ll be heading to my final destination (San Diego) after a good rest. I have been up over 24 hours, drove about 16 straight through night, and only slept four hours the night before that. I’ll have access to shop tools to finish the final fabrication on the Monster Project, and it will soon hit the road on it’s own two wheels (knock on wood).



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