Tamara On The Burly Brand Jackrabbit


Since I’m in the process of building a DualSporty project with Burly Brand parts myself, it’s awesome seeing Tamara Raye eating up some dirt on the Burly Brand Jackrabbit scrambler. Tamara is all smiles every time I see her- she loves riding on and off road, often participating in Hell On Wheels MX rallies and hillclimbs (like when she attempted the hill in a sumo suit). Living near Los Angeles, she works for Disneyland as a rollercoaster engineer, and models for fancy brands like Napoleon Perdis (high end cosmetics).


The Jackrabbit is a 2006 Harley Davidson Sporster 883XL equipped with Burly Brand Scrambler Bars, 15″ Stiletto Shocks, and MX pegs. The stainless 2-into-1 exhaust and fender mod/fab work is from Iron Cobras Fabrication, paint by Headcase Kustoms, and seat by Azteka Customs. Assembled by Sean from Burly Brand, they achieved an awesome retro scrambler look- plus a functional Sportster scrambler. They even took it to the Hell on Wheels Halloweenish Hillclimb and gave it a good test.



This bike has some similarities to the DualSporty Project– the bars, rear shocks, MX pegs, dual sport tires, similar headlight, spoked wheels, shortened front fender, fork gaiters, rear frame hoop… it’s so cool how things can be so similar and yet look so different. The black and orange/gold paint job is especially nice.



You can follow Tamara on instagram, and check out past features here.

Photographs by Sean Delshadi for Burly Brand, copyright 2014.

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2 Comments for “Tamara On The Burly Brand Jackrabbit”

  1. Ken Walsh says:

    Looking at doing a dual sport project on my 2005 1200 Roadster. Noticed this was an 06 and you used 15″ Burly Stilletos. Did you have any fitment issues with them? I heard they don’t fit easily on 2004 and up sportys. Thanks and great looking machine!

  2. crashall23 says:

    I used the Stilettos on a 1988 Sportster for a scrambler build. They worked great with the shouldered sleeves and spacers that com with it. I believe the 2001 to 2004 only needs the shouldered sleeves but the instructions explain everything.