The Moto Quest Is On The Move


Aileen of the Moto Quest is back in Australia!

After the Dengue Fever fiasco, she’s returned to her home base to regroup. She says, “Yes, I am back in Australia. After an application for a tourist visa and very little chances for approval (due to previous visa issues); someone at the Australian embassy in Jakarta was kind enough to read my handwritten letter attached to my proposal and grant it. I am in deep gratitude to be back in a place that I have been longing for so badly. Yet my heart is aching to leave behind the Indonesian leg of The Moto Quest and with it to farewell many wonderful friends, my bike and my beloved Balinese moto family… But I am also relieved to be out of the tropical conditions in order to rest, recover and heal my body.”

After leaving her Tiger adventure bike behind, she hadn’t ridden in quite some time. So a friend helped her out by hooking up a Harley for a ride around Melbourne… her first Harley ride ever.


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