Q&A: Ex-Military Bike VS Modern Sport Bike


Q. HeyI found your page or whatever it is through stumble upon. Ive then spent the evening looking at every single bike picture. I love that BMW in the header and it’s what got me into ex military bikes. Would love to know what you think about the harley davidson MT350 and the BMW R71. I cant choose between getting one of them or a Triumph Street Triple.

A. First thing you need to ask yourself is: What primary function do I want my motorcycle to serve? Are you going to use it for…

  • Commuting?
  • Off roading?
  • Adventure riding?
  • Traveling across many countries?
  • Cruisin’?
  • Lookin’ cool?
  • Speedin’ like a maniac?

Dependent upon what you answered, I can point you in the direction of some of my favorite bikes.

I don’t know much about the HD MT 350, but I do know that if you’re looking for a dual sport bike there are a few amazing options out there. The Ducati Multistrada is one of them. It’s one of those machines that performs beautifully, and it’s designed for multi-use (hence the name). Which seems like something you’re wanting.

The BMW R71 is one of my favorite motorcycles. It is classic, sexy, and well made. BMW’s are an amazing bike, and a great investment. If you do end up getting one, you should talk with Seth Jaramus for any work you need done. He’s a Beemer specialist in Portland, Oregon. And he’s amazing.

As for snagging a Triumph Street Triple… I know a few people with these bikes, and they all love them. Triumph, as I’ve heard, is a great company with great mechanical performance as well as design. The 2011 Speed Triple looks like a bad ass machine.

I also dig the Royal Enfield Bullets, BMW R51Ducati Monster, the Diavel, 848, Honda CBR 600RR (or 1000RR) and I’m still a fan of early Yamaha XS and XJ 650s.

Post Script: Lend an ear to this reader’s opinion.

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