Morgan & Her Nightster

Morgan Gilman Garritson riding a Harley Nightster sporting a Biltwell Gringo full face in Washington a few months back- photo by Lanakila MacNaughton for the Women’s Moto Exhibit.

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  1. flores g says:

    Sorry. Can’t understand that fixation with black. Black bike, black gear. That may be cool, maybe even sexy, but it’s suicidal. It’s another side of the well known “target fixation” we motorcyce drivers suffer. Most motorcycle accidents, 3 out of 4 deaths, happen because a car doesn’t see a motorcycle and gets in its way. Every University, traffic organization, motorcyclist association etc. study suggest the only thing that can be done to avoid them is WEAR STRONG COLOURS THAT SEPARATE YOU FROM THE TRAFFIC… Reduces the possibility of colision or accident anywhere from 20 to 40%. It’s not that difficult to understand or implement. So, why is black such a pervading option even today? Can’t understand.

    • meowlunchable says:

      At least she has on a white helmet?

    • Adam says:

      Well – it doesn’t show the dirt…?
      While what you say is true, it isn’t the full picture – black might increase the possibility of not being seen, but your chances of having an accident aren’t suddenly up to 10% or the like. Especially if you ride well. So yes, it increases the chance, but to call it suicidal is massively over stating it.

      • flores g says:

        Well, suicidal may be an exaggeration, but real world data is very conclusive. And driving well in black is still more dangerous that riding well in a visible color. Motorcycle accidents happen not because riders “ride wrong” but because other drivers on other vehicles do so. Two thirds of them. Hence the importance of making yourself visible.
        The dirt, on the other hand is frequently whitish or brown, so it’s also visible on black gear. 🙂

    • MotoLady says:

      This is ridiculous. If I post a photo of a girl riding in a tank top, some douchebag has to comment about how it’s unsafe- no shit. Now, if I post a girl in full gear, someone STILL has the gaul to come talk shit about their personal choices? OH MY GOD, people. Get over what everyone else is doing and FOCUS ON YOURSELF.

      And hey, maybe you should just appreciate the photo, instead of getting your panties in a bunch? My. God.