Woman Motorcyclist Mural “The Biker” by Shawn Lu


In June, Australian artist Shawn Lu created a mural called “The Biker” using household acrylic paints.

The Biker was created over the course of three days using one small painbrush and black paint only. On the outside the Juddy Roller Studios in Melbourne, it’s eye catching and very scenic, with a bright full moon shining over the lady rider. The painting gives you the same feeling you get in that peaceful moment on your motorcycle, when you pull over for respite- alone in your escape and taking in the serene moment.

His scenes are inspired by modern folk-lore and urban legend, working mainly as an illustrator in pen and ink. The art, with all it’s tight line work, often ends up looking like very old etchings a la Gustave Dore in the mid 1800s, who he attributes as one of his artistic inspirations.


These stills from the timelapse video (below) show just how blank of a space he really started out with, it’s hard to imagine with his incredible line work.


The finished product has an awesome ambient glow, starry night sky, and texture for days.


Watch the timelapse:

Check out the rest of  Shawn’s work at shamuslu.com or instagram @shamsulu.

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