Brett Breckon’s Classic Art Featuring Women and Motorcycles


Brett Breckon, graphic artist and motorcyclist from the United Kingdom, often paints women and motorcycles with a classic touch.

While he began working with an airbrush, he’s since moved on to using mostly oils. His paintings and illustrations are dreamy, multi-dimensional, and often have an antique style. Personally, he rides an older BMW.

“I was an avid user of the airbrush, and my portfolio was full of chrome and metal, rock and roll, in search of a mythical recent Shangri La. Time moved on, and hasn’t stopped doing so. Now the airbrush gathers dust, and instead, with oils or gouache, I joust with knights, fly with dragons and race with angels on motorbikes. Sometimes colour takes a pillion seat and I branch out in stark black and white, the change is enthralling, a darker side emerges. And now there are computers – colouring-in with no mess, a digital fusion of my line art and unrestricted palette. I’m enjoying the ride, can’t wait to see what’s around the next sweeping corner…

Huntress Angel motorcycle woman illustration by Brett Breckon

Huntress Angel by Brett Breckon

His piece, “Huntress Angel”, above, features a frosty cupid like charachter with an elaborate corset and pink tinted hair standing with two vintage Vincent motorcycles splashed with mud.

The behind the scenes process photos from this piece give some great insight into the [already obvious] level of detail in his art.

My first introduction to his work was when I found the Little Queenie illustration featuring the fiery redhead flipping the bird.

Make sure to check out his blogspot and website for more of his art.

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  1. Thank you for the exposure Alicia, that was a lovely surprise 🙂
    Of course you are testing your readers by saying they are Nortons……. 😉 It is based on the idea of Diana the Huntress, who usually has two hounds, she is also the goddess of the moon, hence the tattoo. x