Hell On Wheels At Day In The Dirt


Last weekend Wolf and went to the Glen Helen dirt track in San Bernadino for Red Bull’s A Day In The Dirt event where Hell on Wheels had a track reserved for their usual shenanigans. Vintage motocross, minibike races, ladies only races, the works. Above, Caroline and Anna race against each other during a ladies race.


Anna Logan was actually riding Caroline’s Yamaha 500 which made their little battle all that much more entertaining, “she was NOT about to win on MY bike!” Caroline told me.


There are always fun and funky bikes blasting around at Hell on Wheels events, like the Harley dirt bike (above).


Roland Sands was racing, too.


Little kids competed in the minibike race and kicked serious butt. The little chap below wheelied by me- his friends didn’t come around the corner for another few seconds.



Dmitri Coste was in town from France for the race, and gave his friend a dirt bath during the vintage race.


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