Ellie- The Nurse Who Rides A Motorcycle



Yep, Ellie Vargas is a motorcyclist and a nurse.

Usually we hear doctors, nurses, and paramadics tell us how dangerous riding is… but every now and again you meet one who wont deny the joy of two wheels. Living in San Diego, she has access to all sorts of awesome riding spots from great canyons and twisties to off road and adventure motorcycling locations. Her current bike is an MV Agusta F4, the KTM is her husband’s bike which she sometimes rides.


MV Agusta F3

“I truly enjoy being on twos. I’ll ride the streets, the canyons, the track, and I’ll occasionally get on our dirt bikes.”


Her group of women riding buddies has slowly grown to a group of 11.

“It is an amazing experience to share such love with other ladies with the same passion for riding.”




“I had the opportunity to ride a Harley for a long ride with a few of my lady fellow riders, it was an experience completely different and I fell in love with Harleys. My goal is to own a Harley in the near future.”


Follow Ellie on instagram @me_gusta_ellie.

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2 Comments for “Ellie- The Nurse Who Rides A Motorcycle”

  1. Gieade® says:

    my mother needs to see this lol

  2. MrDefo says:

    Looks like a F3, still awesome ride, way to go.