Wheelie Wednesday w/ Chris Herrin


I spent the week between Christmas and New Year in Portland making sure I made time to see my friends and family. Chris Herrin, one of my best buddies, and I got together for a day to hang out and play with the motorcycles at his place out in the boonies about 40 mins from Portland. It was a lot colder than expected (in the 20s) so after he taught me to do a burnout, he rode out to the street for a couple wheelies to keep the cabin fever at bay. Naturally, I busted out my DSLR to snap a pic of him against the glorious sunset.


He calls this lil green Kawasaki his burnout bike- as you can see from the rear wheel that’s got a big flat spot from burning rubber in his garage. Since Chris lives a ways out of town, it’s often a lot colder out there than in the metro area, and getting out of the house during winter for a real ride can be a bit difficult between the rain and ice of Portland winters. Hence the burning rubber and spontaneous wheelies.


You can follow Chris’ racing and riding adventures on instagram @chris_herrin.

Have fun wheelie photos of your own? Send em my way through the contact page!

Photographs by Alicia Mariah Elfving, copyright themotolady.com 2014.

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