There’s A New Motorcycle Emoji- Finally!

BuzzFeed brought attention to the new burrito, taco, and unicorn emojis. But they failed to point out there’s a motorcycle!

Once Apple releases the iOS 9.1 update, we will finally have a motorcycle emoji. Finally. Right now, folks with paid Apple developer accounts can see these new fancy little pictures. Back in 2014, a racing emoji was released via Unicode, and it’s taken this long to do anything with it. I for one am happy about this silly new addition. The burrito and unicorn are pretty cool, too.

Might I add the lil cafe racer motorcycle emoji looks like a GT Moto build?

And, here’s all the new emojis apple is adding in iOS 9.1.



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2 Comments for “There’s A New Motorcycle Emoji- Finally!”

  1. Anthony PK says:

    Awesome! Me and my step sister were talking about there not being a motorcycle emoji just recently! Nice one 😀

  2. Lacey Frazier says:

    All of the awesome ladies I just met at babes ride out have this awesome little doodle next to their names! 😉