The New Icon Airframe Pro Helmet


The new Icon Airframe Pro helmet is next level awesome for a totally reasonable price.

Above, I’m wearing my new Airframe Pro Carbon- the profile shot shows the small shell size, awesome contouring and shape. This instantly became my number one helmet- instaclassic. It’s got attitude, but a classic full face shape, too. The vents are big, easily opened and shut, adjustable, and the interior is more comfortable than any other Icon helmet before. The Airframe Pro (AFP) comes in a huge variety of colors, including one with an ode to Ancient Egyptian design, and many other loud and awesome styles. I opted for the super lightweight matte black carbon fiber because, duh.


It’s so comfortable I opted to leave it on and walk around doing stuff for a while, basking in all of it’s glory. It’s shaped for an oval head, is super sleek, and has a really wide view area.

One of my favorite features is the raised/inset rear edge which helmets make the helmet more comfortable in any kind of aggressive riding position, leaves room for backpack tops, sweater hoods, or big collars that could strain your neck after riding a while.


You ready for some crazy exciting news? Until Friday, October 2nd, 2015, fans of the MotoLady facebook page have an opportunity to win themselves a Airframe Pro helmet as a thank you for helping me hit 200k followers! Hop on over to the post page to enter.

Learn more about the Icon Airframe Pro helmet (or buy it) on (my favorite place for online gear shopping).


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2 Comments for “The New Icon Airframe Pro Helmet”

  1. Achin Kumar says:

    Woohoo!! Already shared the post and waiting eagerly for the results!!

  2. Ken Melrose says:

    Motolady, do you motovlog? I think it’d be really cool to watch!